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  1. It is the policy at LILY'S KIDS KLUB to ensure that the staff: child ratios required by regulations are maintained at all times. These will be as follows:

     Child age under 2 years: Ratios   1 staff: 3 children 
     Child age 2 years to 3 years: Ratios   1 staff: 4 children
     Child age 3 years to 8 years: Ratios   1 staff: 8 children

  2.   These ratios will be maintained through all activities, including:

    •  those taking place within the Nursery;
    •  those taking place in outdoor play areas;
    •  during organised outings and trips.

  3. At the start of each Nursery session parents or guardians are requested to ensure that they actually hand over their children to a member of Nursery staff. Children will never be left unattended, whether inside or outside the buildings.

  4.  In the event that a child needs to be sent home then the parents or guardians will be contacted to arrange collection of the child. A child will not be sent home:

    4.1    in the company of anybody unknown to the Nursery, unless prior written consent has been given by the parents or guardians. In such cases proof of identity will be required before releasing the child into his / her care.

    4.2    in the company of any person under 16 years of age.

  5. Whenever a child is sent home records will show the following:
    •  the date and time the child left the Nursery; 
    •  identity of the person accompanying the child;
    •  reason for sending the child home.

  6. At the end of each Nursery session there will be a 15-minute period allowed for the child to be collected. After that period if the child still has not been collected, and no prior arrangements have been made for late collection, Nursery staff will contact the parents or guardians using the emergency contact numbers on file.

  7. In the event that emergency contact has not been possible, and contact has still not been possible one hour after the end of the Nursery session, then the Nursery Manager will contact Social Services to arrange for them to take charge of the child.