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Parent's View



"I am happy with Kimaya’s progress from the time she starts until now.  She has developed a lot on a lot of things and qualities, in which I’m happy and pleased." - Alicia Brown   11/05/15 

"Kellen seems very happy with staff.  He no longer cries when he has to be dropped off and picked up."   -
Shannay MacKinson   11/05/15 

"I am happy with Pierre’s development at Lily’s as he is always happy and mentions all his friends names.  I will like Pierre to improve on counting."  - Paul   12/05/15 

"Charlotte is very happy at Lily’s.  It is useful to see her development log.  We have no concerns regarding her development.  Thank you.  I am trying to teach Charlotte the names of colours and counting 1- 5." -Tanya Patrick   07/05/15   

"I like the nursery.  The staff look polite and caring.  I also like the set up of the nursery.  The nursery looks very tidy and clean." - Robert Shaw   05/03/15

"The viewing was good.  Information was excellent and all questions asked were answered.  Staffs are very accommodating.  My child seems to be at home and fit in actually instantaneously. Other children also seem well mannered." - Joan Campbell   11/06/15

I found the viewing very good. It looked like children were having fun and there are some lovely activities. Cynthia explained very clearly about the nursery and she was very welcoming.
- Racquel   18/8/15

"Came to visit the baby unit today, lovely staff and the unit is well stocked for the children's needs. I felt very welcome and look forward to my daughter coming here." - Natalie 27/08/2015

"Miss. Josephine, thank you for looking after me. Lots of hugs and kisses mummy and Isacc. x"

"Charlotte seems happier this week - she told me she "did not cry ar nursery, she was happy". We made chocolate cakes at the weekend which she enjoyed and we played outside on her scooter."

"Aaliyah has really enjoyed her time at the nursery. I am very happy with her development and confidence. She has learnt a lot from this nursery. Aaliyah is independent and can communicate well. Aaliyah has formed good relationships with staff and children. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff that helped Aaliyah with her learning at the nursery, especially Miss. Josephine, Miss Caroline and Miss Cynthia."

"Maya has really enjoyed her time here. She has formed good relationships with staff and children. Maya has learnt lots of songs and rhymes which we hear at home. Maya can now count 20 which I am sure she learnt at Lily's. Maya shows good awareness and concern about others which I am pleased about. Maya is independent and can communicate well. She seems to really enjoy her activities at nursery and has developed well and is confident in new surroundings."

"I am delighted that Ishmael is preparing himself to be a good peer among his friends. He really enjoys the nursery and is always teaching us his new songs or any educational progress. He has grown so much emotionally, being cared for by professionals that have the well-being of my son at heart. I ams satisfied with all that has been said in his progress report." - Maria Grange 24/9/15

We would like to thank the staff at Lily’s Kids Klub for their effort.  In particular Ms Danyella,  who is both very talented and also dedicated to her job, delivering her classes with a nice atmosphere and a kind manner. Her excellent guidance with Clara the correct values to become a responsible human being. - Michael King and Maria Belini   14/8/2015