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The early years in a child’s life are important formative years and it is our aim to provide a variety of activities and experiences which will help your child to develop to their maximum potential.  Our aim, while your child is in the nursery, is to cover with him or her, the four aspects of early learning set out in Birth to three matters: A framework to support children in their earliest years.  The four aspect of learning are:

  1. A Strong Child
  2. A Skilful Communicator
  3. A Competent Learner
  4. A Healthy Child

Apart from planned or adult directed activities, children are also encouraged to explore their own chosen activities, using all their senses and the resources available to them.

We positively encourage a very close working relationship with parent.  In this way we can ensure that our services can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the child and the expectation of the parent, and we encourage parents to visit the Nursery at any time and to participate in our activities.

The children are fully supervised and each child’s progress is constantly monitored and shared with parents.  We schedule Open Days and Evenings into our events calendar for parents to have a more relaxed involvement with the children.

You are warmly welcome to visit the kids klub.  This will enable you to meet our team of dedicated staff, as well as having all your questions answered.  Your child is also welcome to attend this visit.

Your attention is drawn to the enclosed Terms and Conditions.  Please read this carefully before applying for a nursery placement.  Lily’s Kids Klub  is registered with OFSTED and regularly inspected.


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